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IT’S BACK! The KWA KM4A1 Carbine was the first production AEG engineered specifically for the unparalleled performance of today’s advanced battery technology – Lithium Polymer (LiPo). LiPo batteries provide higher capacity and superior performance surpassing the more common Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMh) batteries. However, this powerful battery requires the highest quality of internal components. To handle the extra power of LiPo batteries, the KM4A1 is equipped with a reinforced metal gearbox utilizing KWA’s unique 8 and 9 mm ball bearing bushing combination and case hardened, precision metal gear sets.

Heavy duty springs and high-torque motors are matched for optimum results. High-grade metal alloy are used for the production of the upper and lower receivers. The KWA KM4A1 Carbine was engineered to outperform the competition, offering ultra high performance and dependability straight out of the box!

Product Specs

– Length Retracted: 806.45mm
– Length Extended: 889.00mm
– Outer Barrel Length: 368.30mm
– Inner Barrel Length: 395.00mm
– Inner Barrel Diameter: 6.05mm
– Magazine Capacity: 120 Rounds
– Weight (with mag): 3.27kg
– Rate of Fire: 13.1+ RPS
– Velocity: 385-410 FPS
– Energy Output (with 0.20g BB): 1.45 Joules
– Power Source: NiMh or Li-po/Li-Fe

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