PDI HOP UP Chamber ver.2 for VSR-10




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- Complete hop up chamber assembly for use with AEG type barrel.
- CNC machined duralumin body with black
- 2 Independent adjustable hop levers, allowing user to adjust trajectory more precisely.
- Delrin made double adjustable BB stopper for better nozzle-BB-chamber alignment,  prevents scratching BB surface by loading.
- Removable duralumin collar for 8.6mm outer dia. barrel, not needed when using 10mm outer dia. barrel.

Marui-compatible AEG barrel required
Marui original / PDI V3 Precision / Raven / Palsonite cylinder head required
Recommended for use with PDI W-Hold chamber packing
Recommended Barrel Length: 303mm ( G-Spec ) 430mm ( Pro Sniper )

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