PDI VTrigger + Piston End Set for L96AWS




《product description》
High precision TRIGGER in pursuit of relible operation.
This product is different from VSR-10 NEWTRIGGER about 90%.The concept is same as VSR-10
NEW TRIGGER "reliable handleability".At first, the set balance in the cylinder is not lose, and itdoes not fail cocking. Second, it can hold setting long time by SUS303 PistonEnd and PistonSear which is given heat processing. BOX is made by Duralumin. And Setpin, TRIGGERSear, TRIGGER are made by carbon steel.

※Also you need to buy PDI Cylinder set cause need PISTON.

■Usable gun:TM L96 AWS
■Material:Duralumin(Plate,Body),Carbon Steel(Piston End),etc
■surface treatment:Black Alumite,Black oxide finish

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