Poseidon PPW-P17 EVO2 - Black/Black





Best Choice & Communication between Airsofter and Pistol. Evolution for Fight! “P-Series EVO II” update for the fight with you! Evolution Heavy Arms:

➤Slide made in aluminum alloy 7075 by CNC process. ➤Authorized Cooperation with POLYMER 80 Frame PF940V2.

➤Install accurate 100 % CNC aluminum Hop-Up chamber –Striker

➤Carry POSEIDON Anti-Ice system: Red Ice Pick EVO, Red Ice Breaker, and Turbo Valve.

➤Install new trigger kits Super Smooth Roller to avoid slide unstable during firing and loading.

➤Reborn of all new lettering.

➤Use CERAKOTE like real gun.

➤Simple and degenerate box is the “best choice” for you to collect and decorate.

➤Increase magazine catch and extended base plate for tactical requirement.

➤ “One man, One pistol”. Each pistol has to be adjusted professionally and contains a technician’s signature card.

➤High Quality, High Efficacy, Well Worth Its Value. No matter it’s for collection or for combat. It’s the best choice for you!

➤ 8 colors for you to choose.

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