TNT T-HOP UP rubber (For AEG 60 deg.)

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TAIWAN T-N.T. STUDIO developed the world's first - "curved design" Located Directional Rubber, by the vast number of consumers with the support and love, in view of this, we have developed another high-end modified HOP-UP System : T-HOP UP System!!
This product is also T-N.T.'s patented product, not only follow the advantages of the original Located & Directional function, but also to "curved surface" covering the BB, increase the friction zone to produce more efficient spin on.
T-HOP are all conventional specifications, simple and convenient assembly, adjustment and replacement is T-N.T. consistent style.Stand in the player's position considered a variety of thoughtful design, is to allow you to spend less time to have excellent performance, with more time to enjoy more fun.
T-HOP combines the following advantages:
●Curve surface coverage & efficient friction
●General specifications (easy and convenient assembly and replacement)
●More DIY space.

The T-HOP UP System pressure zone in the rubber, we designed three curved surfaces with different angles, please refer the photos...

1.Entrance :
Followed the advantages of Located Directional Rubber, in the entrance of the rubber have double curved positioning design, regardless of the angle of the BB into the rubber, this positioning mechanism can be very precise "positioning" the BB in the correct force initial position.
2.Curve surface pressure area :
Curved surface completely coverage the top of BB, let the BB is located in the rubber can have a precise center position. Above the curve surface friction force zone, the friction area increases, and the force zone mining "front of the rear" curved crush design, so that it can be more stable, more spin speed, so that the relative increase of BB flight time, and more to extend the effective range.
3.End of the stress zone curved reducing design :
Because the force zone mining "front of the rear" curved crush design, let the BB start with zero pressure to start the compression → the middle of the maximum stress area → export side curved and tapered, so that rubber have the ability to control the burst of BB, so that the BB rotation force to achieve coordination, easier to grasp the direction of advance, so that can have high stability and more far-reaching effective range.
T-HOP rubber products diversified, whether it is a pistol / rifle / AEG / GBB / sniper rifle, etc. , can be installed to use T-HOP, of course can be installed on T-N.T. full range of precision inner barrel, precision double-diameter Air-cushion inner barrel and CNC HOP chamber series products.
In terms of fault tolerance, variability and scalability, there is plenty of room for you to make good use of it. General specifications, direct installation, easy DIY, fast and efficient, logistical no worries.

We believe that both the average player or advanced / high-end players can create unlimited possibilities with T-HOP UP System!!

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