About Us

The Phoenix Tactical Experience

 Whether it is gear consultations or upgrade services, we want you to know that here at Phoenix Tactical Ltd, we seek to satisfy more than just your needs - we seek to enhance your experience.


Our Brands

We provide our customers here at Phoenix Tactical with many brands , we provide you quality choices that here at Phoenix Tactical we proudly affiliate with.


Our Team

Unrivaled product knowledge: Our extensive years of experiences in the airsoft industry and former backgrounds in the military is why when you consult us, you can trust us.
Quality service: We take our customers very seriously, because we are part of your airsoft experience.


Contacts and Locations

Phoenix Tactical Ltd.

Retail Store (Aberdeen Square)
Unit 2200, 4000 No.3 Road,
Richmond, BC
Canada, V6X0J8
Tel: 604-273-6008

2nd Floor, Suite 165
4631 Shell Rd.
Richmond, BC
Canada, V6X 3M4
Tel: 604-370-0750
Email: info@phoenixtactical.ca



Our brands