Warranty Exclusions and Voids:
Disclaimer: Mystery Boxes are NOT covered under any warranty. Purchase at your own risk.


Improper BBs used in Airsoft Guns:
We STRONGLY URGE all customers to use only high-end competition grade BBs in all of their airsoft products purchased from Phoenix Tactical Ltd. The use of any BBs that fall below the quality of Velocity Arms brand BBs are deemed substandard and WILL VOID ALL WARRANTY. Low quality BBs tend to be unfinished, not polished, and these BBs will damage the internals of any airsoft gun and magazine causing feeding, and hop-up among other issues.


BBs that will Void Warranty are:
- Any BBs purchased from big box retailers such as: Canadian Tire, Walmart, Bass Pro and others.
- Any and ALL 0.12g BBs.
- Any BB quality that falls below our standard Velocity Arms Competitive grade BBs.


Improper Use/Abuse/Neglect and General Misuse:
Products that fail due to the result of improper use, abuse, or neglect on the customer's part will void all warranty. Damages resulting in improper storage, physical damage such as dropping, hitting, exposure to liquids or exposure to extreme weather conditions are all considered improper use and will void all warranty. The usage of batteries or power sources with voltage greater than 9.6v will result in warranty coverage void.


Product failure due to unauthorized modifications including but not limited to: any and all internal or external upgrades that result in failure of the product. If a warranty item has been opened or dissembled by anyone other than an authorized Phoenix Tactical Ltd. employee, the product will be void of all warranty.


Tactical Gear:
All Eski products (with Eski tag attached) are covered under lifetime warranty, all product coverage for Eski products may be processed by Phoenix Tactical Ltd. The improper use and removal of Eski tags from items will result in warranty coverage void.


A.C.M. gear are NOT covered by Phoenix Tactical Ltd. OR manufacturer warranty. There are no warranties on these items.

Internal and External Upgrade Parts:
Due to the nature of these parts, we may only offer warranty on obvious signs of defect, internals that have been installed and used at any time will be voided of all warranty.


Battery and Chargers:
There is NO warranty coverage on Lipo batteries. This is due to the very common failure of these batteries due to user error. There is NO warranty coverage on any battery and charger sets that are included with rifles. These items are merely for testing purpose and should not be expected to perform for long periods of time. Phoenix Tactical Ltd. does not offer warranty on either of these items.


Blowout, Clearance and Graveyard items:
Any product purchases inside of the above mentioned sections OR contain any of the terms in its product name above are not covered by warranty. All of these items are sold in an AS-IS state and cannot be returned or exchanged.


Warranty Limitations and Terms of Use:
Phoenix Tactical Ltd. reserves the right to refuse warranty at any time, warranty and return policies may be changed at any time without notice. Please make sure you read and understand these policies before purchasing from Phoenix Tactical Ltd. and the Phoenix Tactical Ltd. walk-in store location.


False Warranty Claims:
False warranty claims include but are not limited to:
- Shipping back a used and functioning item and requesting a return/repair.
- Not providing accurate information regarding on how the product had been damaged when making the warranty.
- Failing to properly describe all defects with the item in the Return form.


In the event of a false warranty claim, the customer is responsible for all shipping costs to have the item shipped back. If the customer wants the item to be repaired, they are responsible for all parts and service costs on the item.


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