Nine Ball Marui HK45 Short Stroke/ Recoil Buffer Set

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  • Marui HK45 Short Stroke/ Recoil Buffer Set
  • Product Description

    This is very much a personal preference type of modification, one might even say its a pro modification, do this mod in increments for your personal style of preference / play.

    the rapid fire of ultra-UP! Short stroke specification to improve the hit rate! 
    can speed adjustment to match the season and customization! In the world of real gun, in order to increase the hit rate to the target, double-tap (2 shots continuous beating) is a basic, distance to the next bullet increases the shorter the blur is reduced hit accuracy. Also said the same thing in the world of air gun, items that specializes in for it is this "short stroke recoil buffer set"! Limit the blowback amount of the slide in the short stroke design! Slide stop, but will omit, with special specifications that can be precisely because so gas blowback GUN, achieve a rapid rate of fire no less so than the actual gun! In addition, the season and customize because that can speed adjustments according to suppress the vibration at the time of jumping amount and the blowback of a gun, you can increase the hit accuracy! in addition, POM material with excellent self-lubricating property plays a role of the slider, spring of reducing the twist and twist, !! pull the performance inherent spring As a result, smooth and, to allow the blow-back action of the quick response !!

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