【The choice of HOP nub? 】

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【The choice of  HOP nub? 】
Most of the original cylindrical HOP nub and single-point HOP bucking are sometimes insufficient in shooting performance due to their limited pressing area.
The HOP nub is also a part of the core modification products that indirectly affect the shooting performance of your airsoft BB gun. Although the contact surface inside the HOP bucking designed by each brand has been fixed and cannot be changed, if it is matched with an appropriate HOP nub it can give full play to the performance of the HOP bucking itself.

【T-NUB : Standard nub】
Standard universal type, suitable for most AEG or other gun models that use a cylindrical style HOP nub.
It has a longer coverage area than the original cylindrical HOP nub, which can completely press down the pressure point of the bucking and give the BBs more contact area to achieve better friction, but it still depends on different brands. According to the actual conditions such as the HOP chamber and the inner barrel's HOP window, trimmed and fine-tuned the nub for smooth installation.
●Material: Rubber
●Width: 3.95mm

【TR-NUB : Wider nub】
It is recommended for sniper rifles, because it has a wider pressing area, and the HOP lever of most bolt action sniper rifle are almost all configured with a wider version, but it still depends on the HOP chamber and inner barrel HOP window or another actual conditions to determine whether it is applicable.
●There are 70 degrees and 80 degrees to choose from, you can choose different HOP nub with hardness according to the initial speed.
●Material: Silicone
●Width: 4.9mm

【Positioning nub 】
At present, several HOP chambers produced by T-N.T. have been changed to use positioning HOP nub.
By combining its positioning bumps with the HOP lever, it can effectively avoid the displacement of the HOP nub due to vibration, thereby maintaining a stable shooting performance.
●Material: Rubber
● 5*6mm size is used for most rifle HOP chamber, and there are two degrees of 70 and 80 degrees to choose from.
● 6*6mm size is used for sniper rifle HOP chamber, and there are two degrees of 70 and 80 degrees to choose from.

※The above are all basic principles of use, players can still change various configurations and fine-tuning according to their usage habits ※

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