Tokyo Marui LCP Holster

Sale price$54.95 CAD


Major features

  • Recombined with a Phillips screwdriver
    By rearranging holsters, hooks, joints, etc., it is possible to rearrange into various styles. * A Phillips screwdriver is required separately.
  • Ideal for concealed carry
    Compatible with both IWB (inside waistband), which has less overhang and excellent confidentiality, and OWB (outside waistband), which has less contact with the body and is easy to operate. It also supports right-handed and left-handed people by rearranging.
  • Compatible with mall systems
    By attaching the attached hook for the molding system, it can be attached to the molding system.
  • Spare magazine can be set
    A magazine holster can be connected to the gun holster. (The gun holster can be used alone.)
  • Includes 2 types of joints
    Includes a "round joint" with an angled connection with the magazine holster and a "flat joint" for mounting on a flat surface.
  • Adjustable hold tension
    You can adjust the hold tension of each gun body and magazine by changing the tightening condition of the screw (rubber bush part).

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