Tokyo Marui MTR16 G Edition GBB Rifle

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  • Tokyo Marui original M4 custom which imaged private model of M4 comes up to gas blowback machine gun series!
    Versatile with the potential to respond to any situation, such as ensuring rigidity and lightening by thorough lightening, expandability for various optional parts, operability regardless of dominant arm, flexibility to respond to changes in attitude, etc. It is a type tactical rifle.

    Major features

    Intense blowback realized:
    Equipped with a blowback engine employing a large piston with a diameter of about 19mm. Bolts also work in conjunction with firing, allowing you to enjoy a stronger recoil shock than ever before.

    High durability:
    New mechanism Z-system to prevent abrasion and breakage of bolt catch, piston / absorber and friction / relief / bolt roller to reduce the load on internal parts due to bolt operation, always prevent slack due to recoil The durability to strong recoil shocks, such as the barrel clamp mechanism which puts out the center of the barrel, has been improved.

    Realistic gimmick:
    The first shot is loaded by operating the charging handle, and the bolt catch operation after opening the bolt and changing the magazine is faithfully reproduced. In addition, field stripping (normal disassembly for maintenance) can be performed in a form close to the real thing.
    M-LOK rail system: The latest rail system "M-LOK" is used for rigid aluminum cutting hand guards. The hand guard, which allows you to add rails only where needed, is slim and easy to handle, and has been lightened by removing meat. The M-LOK rail with a width of 20mm (Picatinny standard) comes with one of three types of slots: 3 slots, 5 slots, and 7 slots. It can be easily removed with the attached hexagon wrench.

    16-inch lightweight barrel:
    The 16-inch outer barrel, derived from a civilian model, uses a gold color inspired by titanium nitride coating. Twist-shaped lightening and adoption of aluminum material reduce the weight to the limit. In addition, if you remove the muzzle compensator, you can install a muzzle option with a 14 mm reverse screw specification such as a silencer.

    Operability according to taste and situation:
    In addition to the charging handle, various operation levers are ambi specifications that can be accessed from either the left or right, and the large size allows reliable operation even with gloved hands. By reversing the extension at the lower rear end of the stock, you can select the concave type that is in close contact with the body or the convex type that allows the muzzle to move up and down, and also supports 6-stage expansion and contraction adjustment. The grip adopts a vertical (vertical) design that is easy to grasp even if the stock is shortened.

    Compatible model with optical sight:
    A model that excludes front / rear sights and is equipped with various optical sights such as scope and dot sight. * Please purchase the optical site separately.

    Aluminum die-cast short magazine:
    20 shots, aluminum die-cast magazine has high thermal conductivity, making it easier to warm up after gas injection

    Built Material : Metal w/ Platic Furnitures
    Magazine Capacity : 20+1 Rds ( 6 mm )
    Inner Barrel Length : 250 mm
    Overall Length : 837 - 919mm
    Weight: 2676g
    Fire Mode : Semi / Full Auto / Safety
    Hop-up: Adjustable
    Package Includes : Gun, Magazine, Manual, M-LOK Rail x3 ( S / M / L )

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