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●Converts directly from the stock terminal!
●24K gold plating improves current efficiency!
●No need for soldering!! Comes with a fuse for peace of mind!

Conversion connector with built-in stock for next-generation Tokyo Marui M4 series electric gun SOPMOD type stock.
By using this conversion connector, it is possible to store a battery with a mini connector specification in the stock without processing.

It is recommended for those who want to use a lipo battery to fully demonstrate the performance of the electric gun. Direct conversion from the stock terminal parts of

our "next generation M4 stock terminal conversion kit" to a mini connector.
The stock terminal parts are plated with 24 gold and boast high current efficiency, and a 20A fuse is installed in consideration of safety.
Dummy parts are also included to close the hole at the rear end of the stock, so it is recommended for those who want to use a compact and highly efficient lipo battery.


■Connector type: Mini connector

[BK] 4571443159342

■Compatible models: Tokyo Marui Next Generation M4 Series
, DEVGRU Custom HK416D
, HK416 Delta Custom

recommended battery for:
・GIGA TEC EVO Lipo Battery 7.4V/1200mAh Stock Pipe-In (Multi Type)

*This product is for next generation M4 SOPMOD type stock only.
*This product is not compatible with Tokyo Marui genuine SOPMOD battery (8.4V Ni-MH 1300mAh).
*Be sure to use our battery.
* Make sure to check the plus and minus sides before assembling.
*When replacing the terminal, it may be difficult to insert the fixing pin due to individual differences. In that case, you have to press hard.
*Not compatible with "Tokyo Marui HK416D / HK417".

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