Airtech Hop-up/ Inner barrel Stabilizer Assembly Silicone O-ring (10PC)

Sale price$7.95 CAD


The silicone o-rings are designed to replace the stock spring that is normally placed onto the inner barrel/  front of the hop-up chamber. It will improve the stability of the hop-up chamber significantly by restricting the amount of movement that is caused by the rifle while firing ie. BB loading movements, air nozzle head displacement, and generally gearbox vibrations.

The number of rings needed will be dependent on the gun to gun. Try fitting around 6 first and try installing the rifle fully and decrease incrementally.

- Stabilize the hop-up system

- Consistent hop on the BB

- Uniform FPS from a stabilized compression.

- 10PC will be included and should be able to fit 2 guns.

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