Hard Piston for Next Generation New Ver.1

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Recommended for replacement during regular maintenance when worn or damaged!!

A next-generation electric gun series that produces a realistic recoil shock.
The gimmick creates a realistic and intense recoil, but on the other hand, stress tends to accumulate in various parts.
Periodic maintenance like a real gun, such as loosening of each part and replacement of worn / damaged parts inside, is becoming a prerequisite, and among them, the gear and piston part that operate the power source and recoil engine at the same time are the most burdensome. Although it is a forced part, the durability life has decreased to 1/2 to 1/4 compared to conventional non-recoil electric guns (compared to our test).
At Prometheus, we conduct tests in various patterns based on the operating environment and usage conditions inside the mechanical box, past performance data and durability test results, and carefully select materials that match the next generation machines!

Hard Piston Series While maintaining performance such as friction resistance, wear resistance, heat resistance, and slidability, we have further improved the characteristics of impact resistance, bending, and tensile strength!
Recommended parts for wear, damage, and regular maintenance replacement

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