KRYTAC x Prometheus PDW Vector AEG EG Barrel 155mm/ Inner Barrel

Sale price$69.95 CAD


●Stainless steel Inner Barrel for KRYTAC AIRSOFT GUNS

Using skills and know-how learned from EG Barrel. The inner barrel which made for delivering the full potential of chamber or bucking made by KRYTAC. Using stainless material (SUS) which have high hardness and high accuracy of inner diameter tolerance. Therefore, the accuracy of fire is stable. Also, the barrel has “micro accuracy ring” which has centering effective and reduce shaking. Moreover, the barrel can adjust the clearance between inner barrel and outer barrel by it self and adjust until 9.2mm. Inner diameter 6.3mm, and tolerance .1mm. This barrel has the best accuracy and the material is selected for keeping accuracy. It has required strength and no useless coating, just focus on the accuracy rate.

【Size:Barrel Length】  155mm

【Inner diameter】 6.3mm

【Material】 Stainless(SUS)

【Compatible model】 KRYTAC AEG PDW Vector AEG

【Remark】 Micro Accuracy Ring included.

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