LayLax Nine ball Custom Hop Dial (Type A)

Sale price$9.95 CAD


ine ball Custom Hop Dial (Type A/Type B) (PRE-ORDER)

●Fine tune your hope with even more precision
●Brightly coloured for ease

A simple yet effective mod to your gas blowback's hop up dial. The Nine ball custom hop up dial adds a much longer groove for much finer hop up adjustment and a relieves the common issue of over hopping. Most stock hop dials only allow around 180 degrees of movement allowing for a narrow range of hop up adjustments. The custom hop dial allows for more than 360 degrees for a super fine range of adjustments, additionally brightly coloured for ease of visibility. 

■Brand: Nine Ball

■Included: Custom Hop Dial x1

■Material: Resin

・Tokyo Marui G17 3rd Gen.
・Tokyo Marui  G18C
・Tokyo Marui  G22
・Tokyo Marui  G26
・Tokyo Marui  G34
・Tokyo Marui  M9 Series (built-in HOP)
・Other models with Hop-up dials measuring a diameter of 9.1mm、and 2.6mm thick


※The picture shown is a product sample, the actual color and specification may vary.
※Gun and other attachments sold separately.
※Please check that you are within the joule limits of your country before customizing your airsoft gun.
※Be sure to abide by the Japan Sword and Gun law's limit of 0.98 joules! !
※Check your airsoft gun's performance in a large variety of settings, temperatures and other situations to be sure that the joule limit is not breached!!

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