LayLax Desert Eagle CQC Holster

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Desert Eagle CQC Holster

●Quick draw holster with superior retention
●Smooth and easy draw
●The paddle and holster can be detached with one simple button.
●360 degree adjustability with 24 different positions!
●Adjustable retention screw to fine tune your fit of your handgun.
●Military grade polymer for ultimate durability and strength.
●Can be equipped with a variety of accessory options.

Compact, superior retention, quick draw

・Easily adjust the retention strength with the adjustment screw for the perfect fit for your individual handgun.
・The rounded paddle forms to your waistline for a better fit with your belt.
・Firm and positive "click" when reinserting your handgun.
・Quickly and smoothly draw your handgun with a touch of the release button.
・Freely change the angle of your holster to accommodate for different draw styles and body types, a full 360 degrees of adjustable freedom and 24 different secure positions!


・Holster ×1
・Paddle ×1


Tokyo Marui GBB Desert Eagle Series:
・Desert Eagle .50AE
・Desert Eagle .50AE Chrome Stainless
・Desert Eagle .50AE 10inch
・"Lightning Hawk" .50AE 10inch Magnaport
※Due to the length of the 10inch models, there is chance that the slide may catch on the holster. Use caution when drawing.

■Material: Nylon Polymer

■Compatible Accessories:
・MOLLE Attachment
・Offset Paddle
・Belt Loops

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