Laylax Hi CAPA Optic Shield and Slide Optic Mount - Nine Ball Aegis HG - GBB

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Hi Capa Optic Shield and Slide Optic Mount - Nine Ball Aegis HG - Gas Blowback Model

●High strength polycarbonate
●Low profile direct mounts to your slide
●Protect your micro dot optics today!

Protect your handgun optics with confidence, now in a smaller more compact package. Utilizing the same high grade polycarbonate as our original Aegis Optic Shield, the new Aegis HG retains the slanted design for maximum protection. The included direct mount attaching directly to your handgun slide and is compatible with a number of micro dot optics.

■Brand: Nine Ball

・1.5mm High strength polycarbonate shield
・Resin direct mount
・Steel mounting screws

■Tested Compatibility:
・Tokyo Marui Micro Pro Sight
・Sig Sauer Romeo1
・LayLax Evil Killer 08

・Tokyo Marui Based GBB
・Hi-Capa 5.1 Government                                                                             
・Hi-Capa 5.1 Stainless                                                                                      ・Hi-Capa 5.1 Gold Match※Be advised that the 4.3 and D.O.R are NOT compatible without modification or with their stock slides.

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