LayLax PSE Lipoic Battery Checker & Balancer

Sale price$24.95 CAD


You can check the total voltage and battery condition of each cell at a glance, such as checking the voltage at the time of purchase, after charging, and during use, which is necessary for using Lipo batteries safely and for a long life!
The voltage balance of the cells that occurs with repeated use. Equipped with a balancer function that draws out the original performance by equalizing the difference to prevent over-discharging in the latter half of use!
There is also a discharge function that allows you to set the optimal voltage arbitrarily during storage, which leads to longer life, so the battery after survival. Of course, it also supports Lipo batteries with different characteristics for each manufacturer!

■ Compatible batteries:
・LiPo: 2-6 cells (7.4V-22.2V)
・LiFe: 2-6 cells (6.6V-19.8V)

■Compatible balance connector: JST-XH

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