LayLax TM GB Hi-CAPA 5.1/4.3 Hi-CAPA Aluminum Mount Base NEO

Color: Gold
Sale price$124.95 CAD


■TM GB Hi-CAPA 5.1/4.3 Hi-CAPA Aluminum Mount Base Introducing

a web-exclusive color for the ultra-lightweight side-up mount base for NEO Shooters.
It can be installed without processing by diverting the insertion port of the slide stop lever and the screw hole for the grip mounting bolt.
The biggest feature is the side-up type mount with a specially designed slide stop, but the slide stop is a nice specification.
The slide stop adopts a slim long type that can be operated with one hand.

In addition, the weight of the lightweight high-capa mount base NEO is only 40g!
It is suitable not only for shooting matches but also for survival games.
The rail position can be adjusted forward, backward, left and right, and severe settings are also possible. 

■Compatible models: Tokyo Marui Hi-CAPA5.1/4.3/Gold Match 

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