Mode 2 Knight's Silencer Real (Long) NEO

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Mode 2 Knight's Silencer Real (Long) NEO

●DOUBLE FLAT GRADE technology built in with quadruple sound absorption material for the highest sound dampening
●14mm CCW Thread
●Choose from two types of caps for a different look!

■DOUBLE FLAT GRADE Technology explained:

★The main chamber serves as the primary sound dampening material with high sound absorption.
★The surrounding material around the main chamber is seemless and causes sound to be absorbed and not reflected.
★The secondary dampening material is designed to absorbs vibrations and prevent ringing of the supressor shell.
★The secondary material also is the absorbs any remaining sound for maximum suppression. 

■Brand: MODE-2

・Suppressor x1
・Normal NEO Cap
・β Cap

■Color: Black 

■Threading: 14mm CCW

・Length: 192mm
・Diameter: 35mm

■Material: Aluminum Alloy

※The picture shown is a product sample, the actual color and specification may vary.
※Gun and equipment sold separately.
※Be careful not to submerge or get the internal material of the suppressor wet as it may deform and loose its sound absorption ability.
※If the internal dampening material does become deformed, be sure to remove it before firing your gun as it may block your BBs.

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