Nine Ball HOP Dial Adjuster For M4A1 MWS/ HK45/ USPC/ M&P9/ PX4 GAS SERIES

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Nine Ball HOP Dial Adjuster For M4A1 MWS/HK45/USPC/M&P9/PX4 GAS SERIES

■ HOP UP DIAL ADJUSTER (Hop dial adapter) 

Recent gas blow back guns are increasingly becoming convenient as models that can perform HOP adjustment from the Ejecction port are increasing. 
However, in fact, the ejection port is narrow and it is difficult to work, and some models such as the M4A1 MWS require disassembling every time it is adjusted, and it takes time to fine-tune. This item is a special tool for making HOP adjustments without wearing gloves and without disassembling bolts and slides. 

■ Material: Steel 
■ Surface treatment: Hard Black dyeing (black dyeing) 

■ Compatible models: 
▼ Tokyo Marui Gas Blowback series 
● HK45 ● M&P9 series ● PX​​4 
● USP Compact 

▼ Tokyo Marui Gas Blowback Machine Gun Series 
● M4A1 MWS 

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