Nine ball M&P9L PC Ported Dyna Piston

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Nine ball M&P9L PC Ported Dyna Piston

●Aerodynamic 6-hole design
●Tokyo Marui M&P9L PC Ported Compatible

Perfect your air seal and air intake with the aerodynamic, high-strength 6-hole piston. Made in Japan precision-cut aluminum with dimensionally accurate O-ring. The O-ring reduces wear resistance, resulting in a smoother slide cycle and harder blowback action.

■Brand: Nine Ball

■Included: Dyna Piston x1

・Tokyo Marui M&P9L PC Ported
※M&P9 and M&P9 V Custom *NOT Compatible*

■Material: Aluminum Alloy

■JAN: 4571443153746

※The picture shown is a product sample, the actual color and specification may vary.
※This part is anodized aluminum which provides for a high-grade metallic finish that is highly abrasion and wear resistant.
※As a result the color or shading may vary depending on production.
※Gun and other attachments sold separately.
※Please check that you are within the joule limits of your country before customizing your airsoft gun.
※Be sure to abide by the Japan Sword and Gun law`s limit of 0.98 joules! !
※Check your airsoft gun`s performance in a large variety of settings, temperatures and other situations to be sure that the joule limit is not breached!!

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