Nine Ball Marui Px4 Lanyard hook

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  • Nine Ball Marui Px4 Lanyard hook
  • Product Information -

    Lanyard hook to fit the bottom of the PX4 so you can attach a lanyard and not lose your pistol on game day.

    Because all brands have different dimensions we can only confirm this to be a 100% fit for the Tokyo Marui Guns listed below unless specifically stated otherwise.

    Confirmed To Fit -

    Tokyo Marui - PX4 Gas BlowBack Pistol Series

    If you know other fitments for this product please email to let us know.

    Installation Disclaimer -

    Installing / fitting Airsoft gun parts will need varying knowledge from basic to advanced. Please refer to your local Airsoft Gunsmith for proper installation / fitting advise. Experienced fitting may be needed for some part's as the condition / compatibility of each Airsoft gun might vary and incorrect assembly can lead to premature failure of parts which is not our responsibility.

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