Nitro. Vo Aegis Sight Protector Ez Limited “HUD” (S)

Sale price$54.95 CAD


Aegis Polycarbonate Shield“HUD”(Spare shield only sets also available)

●1.5mm polycarbonate spare shield

※The limited fighter plane "HUD" UV printed design of this polycarbonate optic protector aims to reproduce that cockpit HUD feel for that cool and high tech look. Compatible with both the ez polymer and original Aegis metal base mounts.

・Aegis Limited "HUD" Polycarbonate Spare Shield x1

■SIZE (measured from the Aegis base to the top of the shield)

・1.5mm High strength polycarbonate (HUD design)



・S - 4571443169518
・M - 4571443169525
・L -  4571443169532

※Please peel off the protection sheets on the both side of the shield, otherwise your sight picture may appear blurry.
※This item can NOT account for 100% of situations
※Please note that LayLax cannot take any responsibilities for any damages and troubles.

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