Prometheus EG Hard Gear 16:1

Sale price$84.95 CAD


EG Hard Gear 16:1

●Rated for 400+ FPS
●Extremely strong forged Japanese steel
●Redesigned bevel gear for improved semi-auto response
●Precision machined, quiet gear mesh sound
●Perfect pairing with the Prometheus anti-reversal latch and pinion gear

The proven EG Hard Gear series with over 10 years of service are precision machined, made in Japan, heat treated, and forged to the highest standards. Due to such precision machining, you can expect a much quieter gear mesh sound even at higher FPS and fire rates. Tested on the industry standards of a 11.1v 20c lipo battery with a 40k high torque motor on a MS135 spring (400+ FPS), the EG Hard Gear set withstood over 10,000 rounds of continuous usage with no visible wear. 
Reliable, precise, and proven.


・16:1 Sector Gear
・16:1 Spur Gear
・16:1 Bevel Gear

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