LayLax Satellite AMMO BOX [S]

Color: Yellow
Sale price$24.95 CAD


●Convenient for storing M4 magazines

●Storage example/ Designed to fit in a military container whose contents can be seen at a glance . Perfect for storing play goods for survival games! The lid is transparent, so you can see what's inside when it's closed. It is a convenient item not only for survival games but also for storing small items in everyday life. It is made of tough EVA that does not collapse in a bag even if handled roughly, so it is also recommended for storing batteries and eyewear . 

■Brand: satellite 

■Product size: ・S size ・Length 120 x Width 200 x Height 90mm 

 ■Materials: Body EVA (1.4mm thick) / Lid PVC 

■Note: *The image is a sample (prototype) and may differ from the actual color and specifications. 

●If the product is left in direct sunlight, inside a car in the hot sun, or in a hot and humid place for a long time, it may deform, discolor, or deteriorate.

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