SOCOM Mk23 High Bullet Valve NEO RR

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SOCOM Mk23 High Bullet Valve NEO RR

■While inheriting the performance of our company's "High Bullet Valve NEO R", it is a high bullet valve whose structure has been optimized according to the "Tokyo Marui SOCOM Mk23 Light Trigger Pull Kit". Equipped with a variable mechanism that can steplessly adjust the characteristic opening range of the NEO R series high bullet valve from fully open to just before fully closed! Conversely, by narrowing the opening of the valve, the stability of bullet speed and fuel efficiency are improved, so it is suitable for shooters who want stable accuracy. In addition, it can be applied to reduce noise during operation and to prevent damage at high temperature and high pressure, realizing a wide range of settings according to the usage environment and operating conditions.

■Required tool: Our "valve wrench NEO"

■Compatible Model
TOKYO MARUI SOCOM MK23 stock Magazine/LayLax SOCOM Mk23 Lightweight Trigger Unit 


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