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●Developed by Japanese leading sporting eyewear company SWANS

●Coexist Safety and conferences

●Fit for Asian facial features.

●Develop and designed for Survival Games use.

●made in Japan

During the game, Tactical goggle fogs from consistent stop-and -go situation. Sweat from moving create extreme humidity inside of the goggle yet won’t ventilate from stopping.

However you cannot take off goggle once you are in the field.

SWANS earned their anti-fog technology from developing lenses for winter sports goggle. High functional frame design with widened ventilation window prevents from fogging up.

ANSI Z87+ certified.


Distortion reduced 3mm Polycarbonate lens ANSI Z87+


Asian Fit frame with interchangeable foam pad.

●Anti fog ventilation:

vents keep BB’s out and prevent the goggles from fogging up by allowing air circulation

●round buckle:

the round buckle can easier to put on and take off


the 40mm belts makes it more comfortable


・Lens(3mm, Polycarbonate lens, ANSI Z87+)
・Goggles frame
・Sponge Goggle Pad(interchangeable)

■Frame color: black■Lens color:


■Included : Storage bag、Product instruction

■Made in Japan

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