T-N.T KWA-M4 GBB HOP-UP Chamber set

Sale price$79.95 CAD


Suitable for :

  • KWA M4 
  • LM4 
  • MEGA AR10.AR15 
  • TAR-21 
  • HK416D 
  • HK417

●Simplify the original complex components, 

●Has been changed to a general specifications, support most brands of GBB specification inner barrel.

●Change to using jimi screws to fix the inner barrel, improve the original inner barrel shaking issues, improve the stability of shooting.

●More HOP-UP adjustment range, more BB types can be used.

●Pre-assemble by our technicians.

※Only compatible with KWA-M4 GBB series before January 1, 2021

※ It is recommended to apply a little screw glue before tightening the screws, and please don’t tighten them too much to avoid deformation of the inner wall


●T-N.T. - T-HOP bucking / KWA-M4 / 60° *1

●T-N.T. - KWA-M4 HOP chamber assembly *1

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