T.N.T. TR-HOP BUCKING VSR / 60° / Silicon

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【TR-HOP BUCKING】VSR / 60° / Silicon

For major brands VSR series.

The "TR-HOP Bucking" is based on our "T-HOP bucking" and combines the advantages of "R-HOP", more larger HOP contact area is covered BB upper, which gives BB larger and more stable rotational force. So used with heavier BBs is more suitable for long-range sniper rifles.

This product is also T-N.T. patented product, not only follow the advantages of the original T-HOP bucking's function, but also " more wider curved surface " to covering the BBs, more increase the friction zone to produce more efficient spin on.

Of course, TR-HOP still maintains the T-N.T. style in the installation : Direct installation, no need to modify.
The various complicated steps of R-HOP installation adjustment can be directly omitted, and can be completed according to the general installation procedure.

TR-HOP combines the following advantages:
  • Located & Directional - Let BBs at the correct starting position and ready to shoot.
  • More wider curve surface coverage & more efficient friction.
  • General specifications (easy and convenient assembly and replacement) .
  • More DIY space.

TR-HOP are all conventional specifications, simple and convenient assembly, easy adjustment and replacement is T-N.T. consistent style. Stand in the player's position considered a variety of thoughtful design, is to allow you to spend less time to have excellent performance, with more time to enjoy more fun.

Because the HOP pressing zone in the bucking is more wider, recommended to use the  T-N.T. Wider nub & S+ Precision Dual inner diameter Air-cushion inner barrel to get the best performance!!

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