T-N.T. T-NUB : Standard nub

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【T-NUB : Standard nub】
Standard universal type, suitable for most AEG or other gun models that use a cylindrical style HOP nub.
It has a longer coverage area than the original cylindrical HOP nub, which can completely press down the pressure point of the bucking and give the BBs more contact area to achieve better friction, but it still depends on different brands. According to the actual conditions such as the HOP chamber and the inner barrel's HOP window, trimmed and fine-tuned the nub for smooth installation.


●Width 3.95mm

●Use with T-HOP bucking.

●Material : rubber

​●Cut to size according to the situation.

●The HOP-UP friction zone in bucking can be more compliant with BB, that produces a more efficient upper rotation force and extends the effective range.

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